Best Ways To Save Money On An Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

So, you’ve reached that exciting time in your life where you are ready to settle down with the person you love and make things official. It’s a truly wonderful time, and congratulations are in order! However, before you can pop the question, you’re going to want to have just the right engagement ring to help really make them see just how much you care. Need some help doing that on a budget? There are tips to help you make it as impactful as possible.

Top tips for saving money on your engagement ring

Don’t rush your decision: Buying a ring for the one you love is not something to just do on a whim. Take the time to really think about what you want to say with the ring and do some hunting online to find a style that you think they’ll love. Also, consider getting familiar with the general terms so that you know what to ask for when you get closer.

Have someone help you: This could be a friend or family member, but you’ll want to be careful who you trust. Ideally, bring someone along that knows what your partner likes in jewelry and/or has an understanding of the jewelry world to know when something is considered a good price or not.

Consider a custom ring: Seems counterintuitive, right? However, designing and creating a custom ring can actually save you money! When a ring is premade, you’re paying as much for the creation of the ring and its final tweaks, as the ring itself! So, going custom from the get-go, especially if you want something simple, can be huge savings.

Shop with sales and savings in mind: Most shoppers don’t realize that they can find all sorts of savings online for engagement rings. But, there are many out there! For instance, Barkev’s savings offers you 5% off your entire purchase, or even free shipping on your purchase, if you prefer it. When you head out to shop, be careful and thoughtful about deals and savings!

Consider a different stone with a unique setting: Last but not least, the ring itself. Most people go with radiant and timeless diamonds, but you might want to try something else instead! For instance, precious stones such as emeralds or sapphires make striking centerpieces in a ring design, and even though they’re not conventional, they can really help make a ring special.

The other ring detail is the setting. Even if you are stuck with going with a smaller stone for budget reasons, don’t go for a classic setting, necessarily. The right setting is going to help a stone look much bigger than it is and can help you create a really powerful overall design that will blow them away, and also amaze all those who will come to ooh and aww over it!

Buying an engagement ring is a huge deal, and making that commitment to someone is going to be a life-defining moment. It only makes sense that you want to get the ring just right! These tips will help you make the most out of your budget!