How to Save Money During a Cross-Country Residential Move

Save Money

Moving to a new state or city is one of the most exciting times in someone’s life, but it can also be a huge financial drain. If you are moving to a new city, there are some considerations that you need to make before the move so that you can save money when it comes time for the cross-country residential move. Here is an outline of how to save money during a cross-country residential move.

Consider Your Choice of Moving Company

When you are moving across the country, your priority is to find a reputable moving company that you can trust. When it comes to considering a mover, there are plenty of options available. If you are planning to move, you could consider just using your vehicle for the move or renting one. However, these options will not necessarily ensure that your residential move will go smoothly and without any issues. When hiring a cross-country moving company, ensure they have plenty of experience in the area you are moving to and are accredited.

Make A List of Items You Want to Take with You

Before the move, you should make a list of all of the items that you would like to take with you. Keep in mind that if you are moving to a new city, there may not be room in your new place for everything on your list. It is always better to buy new furniture if necessary than to pay for an extra shipment. The only furniture that should be considered when it comes time for the cross-country residential move is anything that has sentimental value or has been passed down through generations. For items you have had for years, moving them with you may be worth the extra money.

Move During Off-Peak Season

The best time to move across the country is during the off-peak season. Many people choose to move when homes are vacant during the summer, but this may not be a cost-effective solution. The summer months are extremely hot in many areas and expensive for families. If you are moving during the off-peak season, you will have a better chance of finding great deals on movers and moving at a more reasonable price.

Take Advantage of Alternative Options

When it comes time for the cross-country residential move, alternative options may be in order so that you can save money. It would be best if you looked into joining a relocation co-op such as an intermodal freight forwarder. These companies will only charge you a fixed rate for the whole move and then provide you with all the packing materials, carts, dollies, and more. The benefits of using an intermodal freight forwarder are that they will ensure that there is no damage to your items when transported, and they can also charge much less than most moving companies.

Hiring a Car Shipping Service

When hiring a cross-country moving company, you must consider hiring a car shipping service to move your car. In many cases, these services will only charge you for the cost of their moving and storing your vehicle, which can be much cheaper than what it would cost to pay for a truck rental or private mover. When you hire a car shipping service to move your vehicle, you should ensure they are accredited.

When moving across the country, you will want to be sure you are saving money. It would be best if you considered all of your options regarding moving services so that you can have a smooth cross-country residential move.