Compelling Reasons for Choosing Promotional Eco-friendly Tote Bags


Global warming awareness has influenced people to look for ways to reduce their impact on the planet. Plastic use is one of them. Reusable shopping bags are hot and in trend to carry groceries from the market. Reusable tote bags are versatile and functional. Businesses can choose these for their promotional campaign. There are a variety of recyclable and reusable promotional totes available in appealing designs, styles, and features.

On Custom Earth, businesses can choose customized or full color bags designed from eco-friendly material. Below are some good reasons to choose eco-friendly tote bags for your promotional campaign.

Practical benefits for the recipients

Biodegradable – Eco-friendly promotional tote bags are made from compostable and biodegradable material. It is not toxic for the environment as it easily gets decomposed in the soil. The bags don’t harm sea or land animals. Some plastic bag types cause minimal environmental damage but they end up as litter or in the landfills. Reusable bags designed from canvas and jute helps to reduce the use of plastic bags.

Reduces the litter – It is estimated that on average one person uses 300+ plastic bags across the year. Some plastic bags are non-harmful but the reality is that the pile of plastic bags annually used is gigantic. A reusable jute bag eliminates plastic bag dependence and reduces the litter of plastic bags.

Durable – Everyone has an experience of spilling items because the flimsy paper bag got torn. Many have lost their lemon or cucumber rolled in the dirt because of torn plastic bags. Reusable tote bags are strong and durable. They hardly tear apart or cause any trouble.

Minimize clutter – Using washable canvas totes can help you stay organized and reduce the clutter at home. Instead of accumulating surplus paper and plastic bags, you can deposit them in recycling bins at the supermarket.

Benefits for businesses who use promotional tote bags as giveaways

Enhance relationships – As tote bags are stylishly designed, practical and pretty, they will serve as a consistent reminder to recipients [customers who received the giveaway] about your brand. Ensure to choose good quality eco-friendly promo jute grocery bags, so it can be used for several years. As the tote bags represent your business its durability and quality will get associated with your brand name.

Boost brand awareness – Brand recognition is crucial for every kind of business. Choosing a unique and exclusive promotional product to giveaway makes your brand visible. Customers identify your brand and get curious to gain more details. Anytime, they use the shopping bag, it reminds them of your business. When they carry a printed tote bag having your business message, logo, and contact details around in public, it brings multiple impressions. People start recognizing your logo and brand name. Such familiarity is great and the promotional expense pays off down the road. It means investment made in the marketing campaign will pay off for years. It is a matchless ROI!

Influence – Tote bag giveaways influence the customers to go green, which will help to lessen harmful plastic bag usage.