How to protect yourself from vehicle insurance scam?


Vehicle owners need to be aware of the different vehicle insurance scams that exist. This will help them be better prepared to tackle such unexpected situations. The vehicle insurance frauds take place at many levels starting from being sold the wrong insurance policy to being stuck in a staged accident. So, how can you stop yourself from being cheated or caught up in such scams? We have listed out the many facts and tips that will help you able to tackle such situations wisely:

Ghost Car Insurance Brokers

Your driving license is valid only when you have purchased a vehicle insurance. The vehicle insurance is expensive for younger drivers. This is why the younger drivers are the most probable bait for ghost car insurance brokers. If you are still not familiar with the term ghost car insurance brokers, here is what it means. A ghost car broker is a person who sells illegitimate vehicle insurance to unsuspecting drivers at a much cheaper rate. Most often, the documents for the vehicle insurance appear to be legal and there are few chances of detecting the fraud until it is too late.

Ghost car insurance brokers provide you with documents that appear real. The chances of noticing the fraud are few till you are held up by the police or met by an accident. There are countless such scams occurring each year and we cannot avoid it unless we are well aware of such possibilities.

Here are some double checks you need to carry out before you go ahead with buying the car insurance:

  • When offered a much cheaper vehicle insurance than the market price, consider it a red flag. All the genuine car insurance policies are bound to belong to the same price range.
  • See how the broker got in touch with you. If it is through WhatsApp, Facebook or some online platform, check the legitimacy of the insurance before buying it.
  • Check what contact information is provided by the broker. A genuine broker will not hesitate to give company number, address or additional information.

Cash for Crash Fraud

Another common compare van insurance scam is the cash for crash fraud. These are vehicle accidents that are faked. These are engineered by a group of people so that innocent vehicle drivers get easily caught up in fake accidents. The purpose of such accidents is to acquire claims for vehicle accidents, injuries or losses for the passengers in the vehicle. Such scams are ever on the rise causing the insurance companies to shell out a good deal on these scams.

Here are some simple tips to keep you safe from such cash for crash frauds:

  • Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you
  • If someone is tailgating you, halt your car and let the vehicle take a lead
  • Keep your eyes open for vehicles with broken hind lights as these vehicles could be attempting to fake an accident
  • Be extra cautious during steep turns and accident-prone areas

Safety Measures While Shopping for Insurance

A vehicle owner who knows all these facts may wonder how to shop wisely for the right car insurance policy. Here are some tips to help you with the ordeal:

  • Check the credentials of the broker before getting an insurance policy
  • Do not buy insurance policies from door to door insurance sellers
  • Verify that the company is listed among the existing insurance companies
  • Compare the insurance policy rates and see whether it is in par with the present standards

It is always a wise option to choose vehicle insurance policies by reputed companies like Future Generali to avoid such futile risks. When you select a company with decades of experience in the industry, you can be sure of its reliability.

Safety Measures During Regular Driving

As a driver and a vehicle owner, there are some measures that you need to take to stay safe. We have listed these out for your knowledge and reference:

  • A dashcam and an accident emergency kit can prove handy during such unexpected accidents
  • Do not accept help from unknown people soon after the accident
  • You must pull into a nearby safe spot such as a police station or gas station if you feel someone is tailgating you
  • Trust your instincts while driving and take action if you find anything suspicious happening
  • Be careful of the amount of information you disclose to strangers
  • Always keep a list of warehouses and garages in the locality you travel so that they come handy when you actually need help

Right Way to Handle a Vehicle Accident

Even when you are completely prepared, you cannot really prevent an accident. Yet, you can change your situation by handling it right and taking the right steps. Here is what you need to do in case you meet with an accident:

  • A few photographs may help a lot. Take screenshots of the car, the locality, the vehicle you crashed into, people around you and people in the vehicle
  • Make a note of all details of people involved in the accident including name, address, phone number, e-mail id and professional credentials
  • Be a responsible citizen and call the police as it will protect you against frauds, scams and staged accidents
  • Be wary of blank claim forms and never sign it just after the accident unless the police or someone in authority is present
  • Be cautious of helpful people coming right at the scene like:
  1. Towing vehicles
  2. Doctors
  3. Auto body shops 
  4. Houston car accident attorney
  • Call your auto insurance company soon after the accident even when you are not at fault

It is a great idea to maintain this checklist in your car so that you do not lose your mind in panic and take the right steps at the right time. 

A car insurance should be selected with ample care. If you plan to shop for a vehicle insurance online, go for car insurance by reputed firms like Future Generali to avoid any possibility of being cheated. Enjoy instant accident help, quick surveys and other assistance as you become a car insurance owner for Future Generali.