How Can a Process Server Help Me?

Process Server

The legal profession is one that is varied and requires a lot of knowledge of procedure and past cases, so it is not an area that it is wise for an individual or business to get involved in themselves when legal professionals are out there who can help. In addition to lawyers, there are also process servers who handle legal documents and make sure that they reach the intended parties involved in a forthcoming court case. There are many ways that companies such as Denver Process Servers will help in making sure that the legal process runs smoothly. We shall explore some of the ways in which process servers can help us.

Divorce Petitions

Family Procedure Rules state that in cases of matrimonial or civil partnership, orders such as divorce or dissolution petitions cannot be served to a respondent by either email or fax. This means that they need to be delivered in person. This can be a process that many divorcing couples would find difficult to handle themselves. Process servers help individuals by handing divorce petitions on their behalf. Couples can reply on a process service to deliver in person to the party they are divorcing the legal papers that indicate their intentions to divorce. This can be awkward when a long-term relationship has broken down and something that can be better served in the form of a formal legal document by an impartial and experienced third-party professional such as a process server. It is good to create some distance if things were not amicable at the time of the marriage breakdown, or where there was indiscretion or infidelity involved in the break-up. Process servers are good communicators and will be able to handle this situation with ease and efficiency.

Bankruptcy Petitions

In cases of bankruptcy, a Bankruptcy Petition will be filed with the Bankruptcy Court. Once this has happened, the Court will send all creditors a Notice of Bankruptcy Case. Creditors will normally be notified within 7 to 10 days from the filing date. Process servers can handle any paperwork that relates to such cases. It keeps the parties involved away from each other and reassures everyone that the matter is now in legal hands and to be dealt with that way. The very involvement of process servers gives an air of legal intent which then carries on into the court case after the formal documents have been personally delivered to the party or parties in question.

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A writ is a formal order written and issued by a body connected with the judicial process. This will normally be a court. Examples of writs include prerogative writs, warrants, and subpoenas. A prerogative writ is about directing behaviours to another arm of an agency or government, to a different official, or another court. Originally, it related to the Crown and English law, reflecting the monarch’s discretionary prerogative and greater power. A warrant can be for a person’s arrest. That person may be accepting it or hiding from the inevitable. Either way, it will be for the process server, when instructed, to find them and serve the writ in person to them. A subpoena is a writ ordering someone to attend court. All writs are legal documents in nature, so it is useful to have process servers to deliver them so that everything is official and in accordance with the law. Otherwise, loopholes in cases might be found and justice on that occasion not served.

So, process servers have uses in our personal and business lives. They can handle documents whether in a personal or commercial setting. Their knowledge and expertise will prove invaluable even if you already know a lot about the law.