How to Determine if Your Digital Ad Campaigns Were Successful

Digital Ad

As you are probably aware, digital advertising is a big part of marketing these days. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which type of ad campaign will work best for your business. To help you determine if your digital ads were successful, we’ve compiled multiple ways that might give you an indication.

1. You Attracted New Customers & Increased Sales

Ads are meant to be seen, they’re also made to grab attention, so if it worked, you should have gained some new customers. When people click on your ads and purchase your product or service, you’ve completed an ad campaign. Sales do not necessarily mean that they found their product on your ad, so an increase in sales is a good indication that you have completed an ad campaign.

2. You Gained High-Quality Traffic

The purpose of advertising your business is to attract new customers and/or bring potential customers to your website. If the ads are working, you should see more web traffic coming to your site. If the ad is working properly, visitors should be sticking around on your website and not clicking off immediately after arriving.

3. Your Ads Received Positive Remarks Online

If you’ve been spending money to promote your business through an ad campaign, other people should notice it. There are several advertising review sites where customers and potential customers can post reviews about the ads that they see. If you are noticing an increase in positive reviews, your ad campaign is likely successful.

4. Your Bounce Rate Decreased

The bounce rate tells you how long visitors stayed on a certain web page once they arrived there. For instance, if somebody clicked on your website and didn’t stay on the page, it would be considered a bounce. If your bounce rate is high and you have an ad campaign going on, it might indicate that something isn’t right with your ad campaign. If you had a low click-through rate on the ads, this will affect your bounce rate.

5. Your AdWords Quality Score Went Up

The Google AdWords Quality Score is a rating of the quality and relevance of your ad campaign, which directly affects your ads’ performance in terms of click-through rates. While you cannot see this score, there are ways to measure its success indirectly. If your click-through rate has gone up significantly since the beginning of the campaign and your conversion rate has remained about the same, you’re likely to see a higher Quality Score.

6. Your Total Conversions Increased

If you pay Google for their AdWords Services, it’s measured in terms of “conversions”, which is when somebody clicks on an ad and purchases anything from your website (or any other website link clicked in the ad). If your total conversions have increased, it’s a great indication that you have hit a successful ad campaign.

7. You Received Good Feedback From Your Customers

If you opted to go for social media advertising, there are several ways to tell if your ads were successful. One of the best ways is to check your customer feedback. If they are happy, you might have a successful campaign on your hands.

8. You Reached Your Target Audience

The purpose of your ad is to attract the right person for your product or service. If you’ve gone through all the steps to ensure that you’re attracting an audience that is interested in what you’re offering, then you should see that reflected in your ad campaign.