8 Reasons Tailoring Your Clothes Helps You Professionally

Tailoring Your Clothes Helps You Professionally

How many times have you purchased an article of clothing that was not the right size? You may be thinking, “It’s just one shirt. I’ll keep it and buy another.” The problem is that this will likely happen again and again. When clothes don’t fit correctly, they are uncomfortable to wear which means your focus is on trying to make them work instead of focusing on what you need to do for your job. Tailoring can help solve these problems by making clothes more comfortable and professional-looking.

1. Clothes That Fit

Let’s face it, some clothes are never “the right size.” If you’ve ever owned a pair of jeans that were too tight or a shirt that was just not flattering, then you know what I mean. Rather than tossing these items into the donation bin, take them to your local tailor for adjustments.

2. Not Just for Women

Although many women choose to take advantage of tailoring services, more and more men are starting to do it too. Men’s clothes can appear too boxy or short if they are not the right size. A tailor can fix these problems by taking in the sides or tapering pants so that they fit your legs better.

3. Same Item, Multiple Sizes

Did you know there is more than one type of pant size? It is true. Some pants are sold as “tight size” or “loose waist.” When you wear pants that do not fit your waist, they can be uncomfortable to wear and look bad. A tailor can fix this problem by adding a new piece of fabric with elastic to make sure your pants stay up throughout the day.

4. Your Appearance Matters

Looking good is half the battle when it comes to succeeding in your career. If you wear clothes that are not comfortable or do not fit, you might be tempted to leave them in the closet and go with something else. This will make you appear disinterested in your work which can lead to jeopardizing your chance at a promotion.

5. Dress Up Your Image

We do not set out to judge others by what they are wearing, but our brains automatically make these judgments. This means that your appearance affects how people perceive you. People who wear clothes that fit or clothes that have been tailored are seen as successful and professional – which is important to your career.

6. Clothing Insurance Policy

A single button can come undone and leave you in a hurry, or a spill can occur when your food tray is bumped into you by an airline stewardess. The good news is that there are some ways to prevent this from happening. A tailor can reinforce buttons with a new thread, sew your shirt’s hem, or reinforce loose seams.

7. Clothes That are Worn Out

Clothes will eventually wear out if they are worn frequently. Instead of throwing away a pair of pants that are worn out at the knee, take it to your tailor for new patches. A tailor can sew on new patches so that they blend in with the pants and make them appear brand new.

8. One-Stop-Shop

At one point or another, we have all taken clothes to the dry cleaner for washing or to get a button fixed. Instead of doing this separately, find a tailor that offers both services together in one convenient shop. You will save time, gas, and money by dropping off your clothes for service in one location.