Best Investor Visa Advice For Entrepreneurs Chasing An Italian Dream


Italy is a dream destination for aspiring entrepreneurs as it offers lucrative markets and immense growth opportunities. The tax and regulatory landscapes are also favorable for foreign businesses. The immigration process is easy as you can get in with an investor visa. If you want to know the investor visa better, there’s an interesting article written by Bersani Law to outline it. While the route is inherently effortless, you can do your bit to make your entrepreneurial journey even smoother. Here is the best investor visa advice for entrepreneurs chasing an Italian dream.

Decide your investment option early

The good thing about the Italian investor visa is the flexibility you get when it comes to investment options. Although you require hefty funding to get in, you can still pick an alternative that fits into your startup budget. For example, you can opt for the starting investment of €250,000 in an innovative Italian startup. Alternatively, you may invest in an established venture by contributing €500,000. Entrepreneurs with bigger budgets can donate €1 million to a welfare initiative or buy government bonds worth €2 million.

Get a head start with the proof of funds

You will not require funds right away while applying for the investor visa, but you will need bank proof to obtain the nulla osta. Essentially, nulla osta is a certificate of no impediment validating your eligibility with adequate funds available. You can submit the nulla osta application online, but you will have to provide proof of funds. Having bank documents at hand can help you expedite the process and cut the hassle. Both matter a lot for entrepreneurs who want to do more with less.

Have the funds ready when you land

Another valuable piece of advice is to have your funds ready when landing in Italy with your investor visa. You will have to deposit them according to your commitment within three months of obtaining your residence permit. If you fail to do it, the authorities will revoke your residence permit. Making the investment on time opens the opportunity to set up your business venture sooner than later without worrying about anything else.

Think long-term

A residence permit gives you a good start with your entrepreneurial vision. You can bring your family without additional investment and set up your home in the country. The best part is that you can expand your business in the overseas markets as an Italian resident can travel visa-free to Schengen countries. But you must think long-term and explore citizenship prospects to stay back for good.

Collaborate with an expert

An investor visa is easy to procure, but you will need assistance to reach your citizenship goals. Although you can qualify for citizenship by naturalization after residing ten years in the country, the journey can be daunting. There are endless formalities to complete during the transition to permanent residence and citizenship status. Collaborating with an expert makes it easy.

An entrepreneur with a vision to set up a business in Italy can get immense benefits with an investor visa. The process is fast and painless, and it sets you up for citizenship by naturalization eventually. But you must follow these tips to stay on the right track.