5 Things to Consider When Remote Employees Return to the Office

Remote Employees Return to the Office

After nearly a year and a half of working at home, many businesses and offices are once again beginning to open their doors to employees. However, as companies begin to see their employees return, many begin to realize just how much things have changed recently. While the initial struggle was to figure out how to work from home, the new struggle is figuring out how to work in the office. Here are 5 factors to consider as employees begin to return to the office.

1- Repairs

If your office has been sitting empty for the last year and a half, it’s likely that there have been a few things that have stopped working. When a piece of technology or appliance doesn’t get used regularly, it can cause problems that you wouldn’t expect.

Prior to employees returning to the office, be sure to check desktop computers, telephones, toilets, sinks, coffee pots and more to ensure they still function properly. Items that don’t work may need to be repaired or replaced. Also check in with larger equipment, like air conditioning units and heaters. You may want to prepare for costs associated with potential repairs.

2- Cleaning

If there haven’t been any visitors in your office, it’s likely that the space is in need of a deep clean. It may involve dusting and airing out office spaces as well as removing grime and hard water build up from bathrooms and common area sinks.

If your office is small, you may be able to simply go about your routine cleaning with workers or a company that you employ. However, if the office is large, you may need to hire a cleaning company for several days worth of work.

3- Staying Covid Safe

As you return to the office, it’s important to remember that the Covid pandemic and its concerns still exist. As a result, Covid safety should be at the top of your priority list.

You may need a way to track who has been at which desks and which employees have been in contact with each other. By using tracking software, you can monitor exposure while also promoting increased security and data protection. Using desk booking software allows you to see who has been at each desk every day. Their top-of-the-line technology helps employees return to the workplace with security and confidence.

4- Changes in Technology

With all of your employees on their own Wifi at home, it’s likely that you’ve reduced or completely ended Wifi services at your office. However, as employees return, they’ll need high-speed internet to complete their job. You will also need to consider re-establishing the security at the office such as the gate entry system, and anything else that has been reduced or put on hold whilst staff have been out of the office and working from home.

In addition, if your office typically uses desktop computers but your employees use laptops while at home, you’ll also have to consider which will be used in the office. Some may prefer the convenience of a laptop while others may prefer the stability of a desktop computer.

5- Changes in Electricity

Similarly, it’s likely that you’ve had some changes to your gas and electric bills during the pandemic. If you turned down the heat and air conditioning while everyone was at home and kept off all the lights, it’s likely that your electric bill was minimal. However, as people return, you’ll have to once again consider the price of electricity.