5 Mistakes to Avoid When Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim Settlement

Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim Settlement

According to the Bureau of Justice, an estimated 73% of personal injury claims end in a settlement, and only a very small percentage actually go to court.

In other words, it’s far more likely that your personal injury claim will end up in a settlement and the outcome won’t be decided by a judge.

How can you make sure that you get the best personal injury claim settlement possible? What are some of the common mistakes to avoid when asked to prove your case in the doctor’s office?

Read on to learn five key mistakes to avoid when working through a personal injury claim settlement.

1. Fighting Your Case Without a Personal Injury Lawyer

Before you even get close to the moment of settling a claim, make sure that you’ve hired a personal injury lawyer. Some people assume that it’s easy enough to defend themselves in a civil case. However, the defense will most likely be an insurance company that hires top defense attorneys, and you need an experienced lawyer to fight back against their version of events.

2. Talking to the Defense Without Your Lawyer Present

You may assume that after the discovery phase is over, it’s fine to talk to or respond to the defense on your own. However, this is not the case. Never communicate with the defense team without consulting your lawyer first, as you may unintentionally say something that damages your case and results in a lower offer. You can click here to read how your attorneys use their expertise to prepare the response under legal limits.

3. Not Evaluating Your Losses in Full Before Settling

Just because your settling a personal injury claim outside of court doesn’t mean that it should be a quick process. Make sure that you and your lawyer evaluate all of your losses, including future damages, before reaching a settlement. For example, if your injury will result in long-term medical care, you should account for those future bills in addition to current expenses.

4. Accepting a Lowball Offer to End the Claims Process

Filing a personal injury claim is time-consuming. It’s natural to want to end the claims process as quickly as possible, even if it means accepting a lowball offer. However, you should always follow your lawyer’s advice, even if that means taking additional time to fight for a more suitable settlement.

5. Refusing to Accept a Settlement Because You Want to Go to Court

There’s a common misconception that taking a personal injury claim to court will result in more compensation. The fact is that having a judge present won’t necessarily work out in your favor. If the defense offers a reasonable settlement, take it rather than trying to push your claim into court.

Avoid These Personal Injury Claim Mistakes and Win Your Case

There are a lot of potential missteps that you can take when filing a personal injury claim. Avoid these common mistakes during the settlement process to achieve the best outcome for you.

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