Best ways to find trucking work

trucking work

Trucking companies are constantly working hard to find trucking work. It’s not just the goal for truckers but it’s the entire purpose of being in the business. Whether you are a small-time truck owner or operate a fleet, you’ll need to look at how you can effectively go about getting more business to keep your company growing and stay afloat in this fiercely competitive industry.

To secure contracts for individual loads as an owner-operator you need to start with load boards, dispatchers or freight brokers that can help you find loads with the right type of freight and for the right price so that your trucking business can continue successfully in the trucking industry. Failure in this aspect may lead to a lot of trucking companies folding.

Your best strategy in the trucking industry is to use every tactic available to book freight. Here are 4 ways to find more loads.

  1. Prospecting

Transportation companies find their contracts through prospecting by doing some research on the prospective clients in their area, what they ship and where they ship to. Then they make contact either by cold calling or seeking an appointment to meet the person in charge of shipping. The more prospective clients you meet, the more opportunities you have for striking a deal. Once you have made a deal, make sure to get all the commercial transportation permits. It will ensure that all the work gets seamlessly completed. To know more about transportation permits, visit the URL here.

  1. Networking

Networking is a crucial part of most small businesses, including freight companies. Start by getting involved with industry associations and going to events that your shippers are attending. You can find out the type of associations that you can join from the internet.

  1. Hire Freight Broker Service

For independent truckers looking for delivery work, engaging a freight broker works well. Freight brokers connect prospective shippers to truckers, and this is a good option if you’re new in this business.

Freight brokers help find truck loads for owner operators and fleet owners. Most freight brokers do most of the legwork for you, including negotiating the rates with clients. As brokers have dealings with a wide network of shippers, it will be easier for independent truck drivers to get quality loads through them but this can be quite costly. It is advisable to check for hidden fees associated with this service.

  1. Load Boards

A load board is the most common online marketplace where truck drivers and companies can find delivery work. It is an online matching system where shippers and freight agents post jobs. At the load boards, the shippers and carriers can find each other and sign agreements for moving freight. Both shippers and carriers can find loads according to their respective requirements.

The best load board for owner operators and trucking fleets of all sizes will offer free trials, have user-friendly free mobile apps so you can search for jobs to haul while you’re on the road. The system will also send notifications to your mobile app so you never have to miss a good paying job.

Some sites like Shiply have a free load board, meaning you are free to browse loads to haul and a fee will be charged only on top of the price you quote when you successfully bid on and win a job. Click here to find out how Shiply’s load board works for you.

To know which method works best for your company, you’ll have to try out the different options listed above. All the best in growing your trucking business!