What is the Future of Bitcoin


Bitcoins are, for many, the perfect type of digital currency because not only they allow you to get easy access to your money and store them in any way you want, but they also enable you to make purchases in full anonymity, which is something that many people all over the world are already doing.

There are numerous predictions nowadays in regards to the way that bitcoins are going to evolve, some of them quite ambitious. Since their appearance back in 2008, bitcoin value has exploded and many analysts say that their value is going to increase exponentially in the near future, which is quite interesting to say the least.

Some however predict that bitcoin value will decrease. To put things short, many state that bitcoins are going to be extinct in a decade or so mainly because we already mined more than half of the total allowed value of bitcoins, and in 2020 the society will reach the end of bitcoins. However, let’s face it, no matter how many bitcoins will be at that point, most likely more and more bitcoins will appear as time passes in one way or another, as this currency has been integrated in numerous fields of work and many persons gain an income in bitcoins nowadays.

From a commercial standpoint, bitcoins will be integrated even further into the economy, mainly because websites are integrating them as a payment method, as well as numerous other virtual currencies. Since many brokers and exchange houses are accepting the virtual currency, the bitcoin and all the other virtual currencies have actually become pretty much like any other normal currency, even though they are used online. We will see this trend increase in the near future as well, with bitcoins becoming a legitimate currency and full support. To some extent, the currency already received a lot of support, but it will receive even more in the future as time passes.

The future of bitcoins will also bring us safer ways to store out coins. Right now, most of the bitcoin wallet do the job quite well, but since there were numerous problems such as hacked accounts, we can expect that in the near future better and safer ways of keeping the bitcoins will be appearing on the market.

The only downside of bitcoins at least for the near future comes in the form of instability, as the market for bitcoins has went either up or down very fast, so it’s a little unsafe to make an investment in the currency. For the future we can expect that the bitcoin currency will be more stable and thus investing in it will be a lot more appealing to the masses.

These are the most important trends when it comes to the future of bitcoin. Of course, the future of this currency is pretty much unknown at this point, and we, the users, are the only ones that are going to shift it towards a certain direction.