What Is A Mortgage Note And Why Would You Use One?


Realistically speaking, buying real estate can be an expensive investment. If you don’t have enough cash to finance the entire price, you may end up taking out a mortgage on a home. However, there are plenty of documents that you should comply with to register and make your mortgage official. One of these documents is the mortgage note.

If you’re into the world of real estate, keep reading this article to learn what a mortgage note is and the essential reasons for using one.

Mortgage Note: What Is It?

Primarily, a mortgage note refers to a type of promissory note indicating the terms of agreement to repay the certain mortgage loan or debt. It’s a legal document describing the repayment terms of a loan secured by real estate. This includes the amount of mortgage loan, amount of down payment, interest rate, duration of the loan, payment due dates, and the penalties and late fees, including the right to foreclose.

Moreover, a mortgage note can be traded and sold between the parties involved as it is known to be a transferrable instrument. This means that the person or entity responsible for the collection of payments can opt to sell the mortgage note on the market in exchange of cash.

What is the Difference Between a Note and a Mortgage?

You mustn’t confuse a mortgage note with a mortgage itself. A mortgage is a legal agreement for your loan and its term while a mortgage note is a document that you sign. While both of them are part of the real estate buying process and that note can be considered a great investment, they’re actually two different things. You may consider checking out some informative and reliable resources online to have an in-depth understanding of this matter.

Mortgage Note: How Does It Work?

Now that you know what a mortgage note is, it’s time to familiarize yourself with how this document can work for you. Typically, the perfect way to know more about this type of promissory note is to take a look at the situation thoroughly. In this scenario, the seller of the home and the buyer enter into a contract which is called a mortgage note, indicating that the former agrees to finance the buyer, in turn, the buyer will have to pay off their debts through regular monthly installments. Also, in a mortgage note, the seller can either collect the repayments until it’s fully paid or the seller can sell the note-to-note investors for an amount of money.

Mortgage Note: Reasons for Using One

When it comes to a real estate purchase process, using a mortgage note comes with plenty of benefits. Aside from being a legal document that binds both the seller and buyer, the following are the common reasons why you should use one for your unique situation:

  • To Allow Buyers to Buy a Real Property Even Without the Traditional Types of Mortgages:Generally, mortgage notes can be an ideal option for real estate buyers who aren’t eligible for conventional mortgages. That’s because it can permit you to purchase a property by using the seller as the primary source of your loan and the subject property as the collateral. If you’re the buyer, using a mortgage note can be helpful because you no longer need to qualify for traditional types of mortgages before you can buy a property.
  • To Help Establish Buyers as Trustworthy Borrowers for Future Lending: Since a mortgage note is considered a legally binding instrument, then it serves as a reliable record of repayments for the borrower which can also be included in the credit record. Hence, if you’re the borrower, utilizing a mortgage note may allow you to buy time to enhance your credit and help establish yourself as a trustworthy borrower over time, thereby increasing your chances of getting more lending opportunities in the future.
  • To Allow People with Less Than Perfect Credit to Buy A Property:People having a hard time securing traditional financing due to a not-so-good credit can make use of a mortgage note to purchase a property. This means that if you’re a buyer who dreams of owning real estate, you can benefit from the use of a mortgage by allowing you to obtain financing despite having poor credit.

Wrapping Up

While mortgage notes can be a great investment option for real estate investors, they’re also becoming beneficial to both sellers and buyers in the real estate buying process. Either way, it’s important to keep the information mentioned above in mind so you’ll know how you can take advantage of a mortgage note for your unique situation. The more you’re aware of how this type of promissory note works, the more you can make sound financial decisions.