Top 12 Most Influential and Successful Traders

Top 12 Most Influential and Successful Traders

As you read the success stories of other traders, you get inspired and hope that you will also succeed in trading just like them. There is so much to learn just by reading the teachings and stories of these people. Though others remain controversial, without a doubt, they are game-changers. Who knows, you might learn from their trading styles and how you can continuously attain success in Forex Trading.

12 Most Successful Traders

  • Ross Cameron

He is a successful trader who is helping other people to trade just like him. Ross Cameron is the founder of a chat room named “Warrior Trading”, where traders meet and learn new stuff about trading. In 2016, he allegedly made $222,244.91 in trading.

  • Brett N. Steenbarger

He has authored different books about trading psychology. Brett N. Steenbarger has a bachelor’s and a doctorate degree in clinical psychology. He is also coaching other traders about investment banks as well as hedge funds.

  • Sasha Evdakov

Just like Steenbarger, Sasha Evdakov also authored a number of books about trading. His books mostly tackle stock trading as well as other instruments. He thinks that real money can be found in swing trading.

  • Rayner Teo

He is the owner of the website TradingWithRayner, which is known to be a “goldmine” of trading strategies and secrets. He is also active in Youtube, publishing videos about trading.

  • Nick Leeson

He is a “famous and successful day trader”. However, Nick Leeson’s actions led to the bankruptcy of the UK’s one of the oldest financial institutions, Barings Bank. He was also imprisoned for six and a half years for losing £830 million of the bank’s money.

  • William Delbert Gann

He is famously known in teaching other traders how to utilize mathematics in predicting the movement of the market. But soon after, his achievements were criticized after he failed to present a solid proof that he is really a successful trader.

  • Andy Krieger

He is nothing but legendary. This is all because he made $300 million after just a single trade. The biggest lesson you can learn about the life of Andy Krieger is the importance of using fundamental analysis in trading.

  • Timothy Sykes

He became famous after turning $12,415 into a whopping $1.65 million. One of the most important lessons that Timothy Sykes shared is that to become successful in day trading, you must focus on small gains that can develop over time and not with big profits.

  • Andrew Aziz

Aside from being a successful day trader, Andrew Aziz is also an author of numerous books in trading. He teaches fellow traders to use scanners such as pre-market and real-time scanners before you enter the market.

  • George Soros

The phenomenal George Soros is named as the most famous trader and also the best one in the world. Soros teaches traders to become survivors just like how he lived his life.

  • Jesse Livermore

Another successful trader in this list invested most of the Forex trading rules nowadays. He is Jesse Livermore. He is well-known and his writings and teachings are very influential up until the present day.

  • Richard Dennis

He is known in history when he turned his initial investment of $400 into $200 million in a matter of 10 years. He believes that anyone has the capability to trade as long as they educate themselves.