Tips For Handling Insurance Company After An Accident

Insurance Company

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ’s report, nearly 3 million people experience injuries due to vehicle collisions. Of these, about 40% of the accidents result in severe injury, disability, or even death of the injured party. Additionally, such circumstances increase the financial burden on the victims.

Luckily, insurance can help lower this burden, ensuring that the victim (if it’s a nonfatal accident) focuses on their recovery. On the other hand, if the collision results in a fatality, the parties involved have the right to get their financial compensation.

How To Get Financial Compensation From An Insurance Company?

There are generally two options available to the injured party. They can handle the insurer on their own, providing necessary details about the accident along with medical bills and other required reports. However, insurers are often at an advantage in this scenario, as they deal with cases similar to yours on an everyday basis. They can negotiate better than you, making it challenging for you to get reimbursement for your damages.

The second option is to connect with an attorney. Attorneys are familiar with the tactics used by insurance companies during the claim settlement process. They also have great negotiation skills, making sure that you avail of appropriate reimbursement amounts.

Consulting an attorney becomes more crucial when a collision results in a fatality. When you chat with a wrongful death lawyer, they can explain the prevailing laws in your state. It will help you determine the value of your claim and take appropriate action.

Step-by-Step Guide To Deal With Insurance Company

Whatever method you choose, below are some steps you must follow when dealing with an insurance company. It will ensure that you negotiate well for your reimbursement.

  • Document All The Damages

It is usually recommended to take photographs of the damages done right after the collision. However, if you are not in the condition to do so, ask the witnesses or any trustable person to take photographs of the damage and send them to you. Understand that there is no such thing as too much evidence or pictures when dealing with the insurance companies.

  • Call The Police

Police records also come in handy when negotiating with the insurer. They are official records, including all the details about the accident, including information collected from the other driver and testimony. So, make sure to call the police along with an ambulance after the accident.

  • Get Bill Of Your Insurance

Some people have private insurance that pays their medical bills during settlement. However, in a few scenarios, insurance companies have contracts with certain hospitals and doctors. It results in you not receiving accurate compensation. Therefore, it would be wise to ask the hospital to provide you with the bill and settle it yourself. Having an experienced attorney by your side, you can rest assured that the claim evaluation will be accurate according to the damage experienced.

  • Be Careful When Giving A Recorded Statement

Another thing that you need to be careful about when talking to an insurer is your “statement.”

Whatever you say can be used to lower the amount of your claim. So, think before you speak. If the insurer communicates with you via recorded phone calls, calm your mind before saying anything. These recordings can be used as evidence for your claim, making it challenging to counterargument. It increases the risk of saying the wrong thing in front of the insurance adjuster.

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Negotiate.

Last but most importantly, you must not accept the amount being offered immediately. Instead, do your calculations, take the attorney’s help, and learn how much compensation you can get according to law. If the amount offered is not enough or satisfactory, you should negotiate.

In fact, in a few cases, the victim may experience an injury or emotional damage after a few days or weeks of the accident. If this damage is related to an accident, you are liable to get financial compensation for the same. However, if you have already accepted the reimbursement amount, it would not be possible to file for claim again. So, you must not rush these cases, instead, take your time and negotiate well before finally accepting the amount.

A Word From Verywell

These are a few tips you can use to get appropriate reimbursement for the damages. Nevertheless, it would be wise to consult an attorney when dealing with the insurance company. As they can assist you in different ways while you can focus on your recovery or provide the necessary support to your family.