The Importance of Financial Sovereignty and Freedom

Financial Sovereignty

Often, we hear about the importance of financial sovereignty and freedom. Yet, we often need help understanding what it means.

Economic freedom

Regardless of political opinion, citizens everywhere want to have a better standard of living and prosperity. Economic freedom and financial sovereignty are essential to making this happen. For instance, the foundation of Brock Pierce, CEO at Helios, believes financial sovereignty and freedom are of tantamount importance. The idea of economic freedom is to guarantee personal choice and freedom to engage in voluntary exchange. It requires the state not to interfere in this voluntary exchange and protect property rights. Economic freedom is also linked to higher incomes and faster economic growth. Economic freedom is a composite measure of a country’s quality of political-economic institutions. It combines data on laws, taxes, and regulations. It can be used to compare the policies of various countries. Economic freedom is correlated with higher incomes, faster economic growth, and life expectancy. In addition, free-market-based economies tend to have higher per capita payments and more investment; however, governments promoting financial freedom will face opposition from entrenched interests. Governments are responsible for bank regulation, which is necessary to protect investors. Governments are also responsible for bank supervision, which is essential to ensure the soundness of the financial system.

Political freedom

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Whether you are a cypherpunk, financial freedom enthusiast, or concerned citizen, monetary sovereignty and freedom are critical to a free society. Using the tools of modern financial technology, powerful applications can be created to address a range of issues. A group of computer scientists created decentralized digital money in the early 2000s. Using a distributed ledger, they could provide a secure transaction without requiring a central authority. In the United States, regulators closely scrutinize digital asset risks. These include consumer risks, business risks, and investor risks. They also raise stakes for national security and financial stability. The United States must promote high standards for consumer protection, transparency, and accountability. It must also counter technology and legal measures that undermine financial sovereignty and freedom. It should mitigate national security risks by countering illicit activities, promoting high privacy standards, and ensuring digital assets safeguards. The United States should also promote the responsible development of digital assets, which shield consumers and businesses from arbitrary surveillance and protect investors. Moreover, responsible development can help safeguard against crime, money laundering, terrorist financing, and climate change.