Sergey Kartashov (Sergejs Kartasovs): After Covid-19 reality in the IT industry

Sergey Kartashov

The Covid-19 breakout has brought changes in the human mindset as well as turned around the labour market. Many businesses have suffered from being closed, shortage of profit, lack of employees, etc. The business area has faced rough challenges to overcome. The IT industry has also felt a great punch of the coronavirus pandemic but could withstand the challenges by providing the inner reorganization. Sergey Kartashov (Sergejs Kartasovs), the CEO at Generation Partners company, commented on the changes accepted in the IT industry to proceed, the circumstances in which IT can overheat, and the benefits of the remote mode of work.

Remote work: pros and cons

At the peak of Covid-19, companies had to send their employees to work from home in order to maintain business performance. As a result, the working staff handled their duties outside the company’s premises and got used to working remotely. That was the only reasonable decision as all the companies were obliged to shut down due to the lockdown and further strict quarantine restrictions. Since then, it has changed the people’s attitude to the remote mode of work as well as the business strategy used to keep the business on the board.

Sergey Kartashov notices that these changes have affected both positively and negatively the business segment. On the one hand, business owners can save a lot in office renting when sending employees to work from home. Consequently, they feel no necessity in hiring some specialities like secretaries, office managers, assistants, etc. Instead, they focus more on those experts who have a beneficial influence on the business performance: HR’s, programmers, testers, salespersons, etc.

On the other hand, the businessman mentions the drawbacks of remote work. For example, the companies were limited in holding essential business events like conferences, training courses, business trips, etc. though they decreased expenses. In addition, the lack of communication has significantly appeared in corporate culture.

Sergey Kartashov shares IT specialists’ opinions and states that the varied working schedule (combining in-office and out-of-office work within a week) is the best solution for our new reality.

Prioritizing demand

In 2020, the lockdown forced businesses to change the ways they used to promote products and services. They were turned to an online transformation to maintain all business processes and move forward in a new challenging reality. Consumers were limited in going out so the companies were to offer other demanded options to meet consumers’ needs and keep the business growing. Thus, the IT industry has a lot in store to carry out appropriate tasks like mobile apps, cybersecurity, websites, software, and many others.

2021 has become an era of great demand for innovative products and services. Moreover, Sergey Kartashov notices that there is a phenomenon of an increased number of vacancies in companies, and it is more than applicants. The companies are even ready to hire an inexperienced IT specialist that was unacceptable before. This situation causes an overheating effect in the IT market.

Employees’ migration

When it comes to the working conditions, high-level IT specialists are always looking for a better place and opportunities to grow in the niche they specialize in or even expand their knowledge and skills. Therefore, they migrate from small companies to larger organizations that offer better working conditions, more engaging projects, and decent wages. However, Sergey Kartashov says that such a turn signifies a lack of attention to the staff and building corporate culture. Considering these points, business owners can change the company’s philosophy for the better.

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