Karen Phillips Tells Us What Charities Businesses Should Support


There are many different businesses out there that want to support charitable organizations but they have no idea how to make the choice. We are faced with dozens of opportunities on the market. Karen Phillips is one of the leaders of a charity that has been around for quite a time now. She fully understands exactly what it takes for a charity to be chosen because her husband is Infor CEO Charles Phillips. Phillips’ wife has no doubt supported him in his role as Infor CEO and did understand a lot about how businesses need to handle the choice of different charities to support. Her top tips are presented below.

Consider The Local Charities

For a local business it makes a lot of sense to support the local neighborhoods. Because of this, a support that is offered for a local charity makes a lot of sense. You will surely find many more opportunities than what you initially think. That is because there are so many charities that are present practically everywhere at the moment. They support different problems that people have at the moment. For instance, elderly support charities are incredibly common at the moment and are normally great local choices for the local companies that want to support charities.

Focus On A Known Domain Of Activity

Let’s say that the business is a holiday company. In this case it makes total sense to support the charities that will help people to fulfill basic needs. Tourist companies do take many customers to specific regions and make a lot of money through that. Ignoring people that now live in poverty simply does not make sense. When you support the businesses that are connected with the customers in one way or another the firm does end up gaining popularity points. Ethical businesses always support the communities so you want to consider this fact.

Focus On Topics Of High Interest For You At An Individual Level

There is always a limited group of people that chooses the charities that a business supports. That is why it is not at all a bad idea to focus on the topics that the business managers actually believe in. As an example, let us say that you want to support cancer research. There is nothing wrong with having the business you manage support related charities. For instance, the above mentioned Charles Phillips often supports veterans because he is one himself. Sticking to the topics of really high interest for you at an individual level means that you will put passion into the donation process. That can always help out a lot because it will be genuine.

Always Research Past Results

Last but not least, never support a charity without being sure that it is 100% legit and honest with what it does. This means that you have to research as much information as possible about the work that was done in the past. Never choose charities that are often in the media for the wrong reasons. This is definitely one thing that is vital for all the businesses.