How to Sell Art Online and Make Money


How to Sell Art Online and Make Money

Art, like any other field, is one that requires lots of effort and great timing. You might have created great quality works, but the timing might not have been right when you tried to sell them.

Or it could have been the other way around. However it might be, there are general aspects that you can follow in order to make sure you grow your chances of making money online. Doing so will bring a world of freedom to you. Just think about the fact that you will make your own schedule. No bosses, no rules! You still need great discipline, though.

Present Yourself in the Best Manner

The keywords here are “social media”. You can be yourself, or create a whole nother persona. Just start. If your products are fine, you do not need to overthink everything else. Choose 2-3 platforms and stick to them like a bear to some honey. Create a posting schedule and stick to it for at least 3 to 4 months before analyzing it and making a decision in regards to changing things.

Also, remember to create content. We know that primordially you want to sell your products, but you also need to tell a story and engage with your community. This is how worldwide renowned names work as well. Play around with the ratio and see what fits best.

Find Your Special Thing

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You can sell a huge range of products, but it might be best advised to have a flagship one. A product that comes to mind instantly when people think about you. Create something extremely desirable that speaks volume.

Also, try to take into consideration the fact that you might otherwise find yourself in a very crowded and hyper-competitive web. Patience and time are your friends. If you keep searching you will find the right strategy to get discovered by the right users. Even if you create an absolute masterpiece, you still need to sharpen your marketing skills and promote it or it will end up in your warehouse.

Great Way of Making Money Online

Now that you somewhat understand what the right mindset is and how you should tackle the obstacles in this industry, it is time for us to give you great advice in regards to how actually start earning. Take every advice with a pinch of salt as every single one of us has different ways of approaching things, but in general, these practices work just fine.

  • Sell your original pieces– This is a mindless decision in the right way. You have created something satisfactory and want to sell it? Great! Go ahead and do just so. There are a huge number of creators who where amazed at the impressive response they got just from selling their original creations. You can sell paintings, sculptures, jewelry, photos, and so on, through your social media or e-shop. You can even start posting on well-established marketplaces. These kinds of websites get millions of visitors, so if you think you have low traffic on your personal brand, then this might suit you just well.
  • Keep an eye open for art institutions– It’s not rare that art marketplaces or galleries require help. Stay sharp for these kinds of opportunities as they might propel you forwards more than you can imagine.
  • Magazines and blogs– You can go full multitask and write articles, take photos, and even direct art for certain press and blogs. It will be a fascinating experience, and you will interact with lots of people. This way you can apply the aforementioned advice and present your art as often as possible.