How To Be Financially Ready For The Italian Investor Visa Process


Italy is one of the best countries from an immigration perspective. It opens various routes for immigrants, from citizenship by descent to marriage and naturalization. But not everyone may qualify through one of these routes. However, there is still a chance to live, work, and eventually get a second passport from Italy. The Italian investor visa is the best alternative if you can afford to invest in the country. If you want more clarity on this option, here you can read everything about the process and its nitty-gritty. Besides knowing the process, you must be prepared for the investment part. Here are some tips to be financially ready for the investor visa journey.

Know your investment alternatives

Since the investor visa is primarily about investment, you must have the capacity to bring the funds. The immigration route is designed for people with high net worth, but you can make it with thousands instead of millions. An amount of €250,000 for an innovative startup is enough to qualify. You have other options if startup investment sounds risky. For example, you can give €500,000 to an already established company. A philanthropic donation of €1 million or buying Italian bonds worth €2 million also work as alternatives. Know them before going ahead so that you can choose wisely.

Get proof of funds before starting

While choosing your investment option gives you a good start, you actually need not bring the funds upfront. In fact, you do not have to bring them until you get into Italy with your investor visa and secure your residence permit. You will need proof of funds though, but it is a lot better than paying a hefty sum without an assurance. A bank statement showing the money in your account is good enough to get the nulla osta (certificate of no impediment). You can apply for the investor visa only after getting the certificate.

Fly in with the money

Financial readiness for the Italian investor visa actually comes at this stage when you land in Italy. You can apply for a residence permit right away, but the clock starts ticking when you obtain it. You only have three months to deposit the amount, and not doing so means you can lose your visa and residence permit. Experts recommend having the money at hand so that you can honor the deadlines and start your life in Italy without any hassles.

Be ready to retain investment for the long run

An Italian investor visa is your ticket to dual citizenship, provided you follow the immigration rules. You have to stay in Italy for a decade to be eligible for citizenship by naturalization, and you have to hold your investment during the period. So be ready to retain your initial funding for the long run if you have citizenship plans in mind. But remember that it is a small price for one of the most powerful passports.

Financial readiness is the key to immigration with an investor visa. Having an expert to guide you with the money matters makes things a lot easier.