Guide To Getting Complete Truck Insurance


The commercial truck industry is one of the most prevalent and diverse one around the world mainly because of the fact that trucks can be used for a great variety of applications. Commercial trucks are utilized in many ways like for carrying building materials, garbage, hazardous waste, household goods, fuel, etc. and these so many applications call for an even bigger truck insurance.

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Primary Truck Liability Insurance:

Primary truck liability insurance is a type of commercial truck insurance which is compulsory for all the trucks. Each and every truck should have a basic truck liability insurance which provides full financial coverage for injuries of the driver and the damage costs for the truck when involved in an accident even when the driver is at fault.

Taxi businesses often provide this insurance to all of their employees covering them fully. Even individual owners can get this type of insurance but it is only supported when they are on job and they often need additional insurance for other times.

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance:

If you are a driver with a motor carrier business, you may need to get a non-trucking liability insurance separately as majority of the motor carrier businesses case to provide insurance coverage for the drivers when they are not at job. This comes under the non-trucking liability insurance which provides coverage even when the drivers are not at job, and this, without any additional cost.

Physical Damage Insurance:

The most valuable asset for any truck owner is definitely his truck as it is the source for his income. It is quite important that the truck should be covered for physical damages and repairs if something bad happens like involving in an accident. The physical damage insurance provides full coverage for truck damage even if the driver himself is at fault.

All-In-One Truck Insurance:

All in one truck insurance is the combination of all the above described insurance types providing you a comprehensive coverage for everything. It provides liability insurance, non-trucking liability and physical damage insurance. If you need a full coverage, this one is ideal for you.