Five Benefits of Filing Your Taxes Early


Processing your tax returns as early as possible can save you from a lot of headaches. Filing sooner will help you know your refund or tax bill and it can mean a more accurate return. If you cannot properly prepare and file your taxes, it is best to hire tax services in Tampa FL to have your taxes filed early. The following are some of the benefits of filing your taxes early:

Minimize the Chances of Tax-Related Identity Theft

These days, identity thieves can use stolen Social Security Numbers for filing fraudulent tax returns and getting a refund from the government. These criminals can use the same taxpayer identification numbers and social security numbers used by people for filing their tax returns. When somebody uses your Social Security number to fraudulently claim a refund, the system may reject your filing as it flags your number as a duplicate. Although you cannot completely avoid identity theft by filing your tax return early, it can help reduce your chances of dealing with fraud issues.

Get a Bigger and Faster Refund

When you file your tax early, you will have your refund check in your hand months in advance, giving you the extra funds you need for catching up on expenses. Also, you are likely to get more than you expected. The sooner you prepare your taxes the more chances you have to claim all tax credits and deductions you are qualified for. This makes sure you get the fund your family needs.

Eliminate Stress

Tax planning and filing is stressful. However, if you wait until the last minute to get forms ready and sort through deductions, it usually adds to your frustration and makes filing your return tougher than it must be. By starting the process early, you can better prepare for your upcoming tax bill. Also, you won’t have to rush toward the finish line, offering you time to learn every tax benefit and how to best maximize your federal return.

Know If you Have to Adjust Withholding

When your tax return is prepared, you will know the refund amount to expect or the amount you owe to the IRS. If you have a surprising tax bill, you can adjust you withholding for the current year so you can avoid similar surprises next year. A 2020 withholding worksheet can help you determine the amount to set aside for every paycheck. Also, make sure to update your W-4 accordingly. You can ask your tax account for help if you are not sure how to do this.

Have More Time with an Expert

Getting your taxes done by a tax expert is a good call. CPAs and other tax professionals know how to get you the largest potential refund. However, during tax season, these professionals tend to busier than ever, so it can be almost impossible to get see one. You can expect tax offices to be booked as the tax filing deadline approaches and you will have to handle your taxes by yourself. But, filing your taxes early will give you more time to choose your tax expert and appointments.