Digital Dreams: 3 Must-Have Tips for Starting an eCommerce Business


Projections suggest that the eCommerce market will crack $475 billion annually by 2025. With that kind of money in the offing, it’s no wonder that so many people consider starting an eCommerce business.

The Covid pandemic has no doubt played a role in converting occasional online shoppers into frequent online shoppers. While some of that may drop off as the pandemic winds down, it’s likely that many people will continue ordering their favorite products online.

If you’re wondering how to start an eCommerce business, keep reading for three valuable tips that will help make starting an eCommerce business from scratch easier.

Choose a Niche

Online giants like Amazon or Walmart can get away with offering millions of products in hundreds of categories, but your average eCommerce store specializes. This is an advantage for you since it lets you focus on products you know, understand, and love.

For example, let’s say that you know the retail food industry inside and out. Then you might decide to open an online grocery store.

Are you an artist by trade? Then, you might launch an online art supply store or even sell prints of famous paintings.

Work Out the Logistics

There are a lot of logistical issues to work out when you launch an eCommerce store, particularly if you plan on selling physical products rather than digital products. First of all, you will need a website. You can launch one independently or through an eCommerce platform.

If you’ll sell physical products, you must find a reliable way to source those products. This means establishing relationships with vendors.

Depending on the vendors you find, some will require upfront payment for all products. Others may extend you some credit, but that usually means a thorough credit check. If your eCommerce business is your first business, expect them to check your personal credit.

You can also explore dropshipping options which let you avoid shipping and upfront payments.


The exact nature of your marketing will vary depending on your industry or products. Let’s say you go with the online grocery store.

Your marketing may focus on anything from the specific products you sell to the overall freshness of your products. If you aren’t sure about how best to market the grocery store, you can also explore online grocery digital marketing services.

If you work through an eCommerce platform, the platform may offer advice or tools to help you market the store.

Starting an Ecommerce Business for You

Despite some claims otherwise, you don’t need an abiding passion for your products when starting an eCommerce business. What does help is when you know the products or industry fairly well. This helps you understand pricing norms, brand quality, and standard marketing tactics in the industry.

That knowledge helps set you up for success by managing your expectations and informing your decisions. It also helps you develop marketing copy that will appeal to your target audience.

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