Arnon Dror Kodak – 2 Key Factors Entrepreneurs Need to Consider When Hiring an Invoice Financier


Entrepreneurs do whatever they can to expand the scope of their commercial operations. In the process, they attract new customers to their businesses. Many of them purchase what these proprietors sell in the market for credit. The owners don’t waste any time issuing invoices to these individuals after every successful sale. However, these businessmen soon find themselves running into a major obstacle. Many of their clients take a very long time to pay off their outstanding dues. Even after frequent reminders, they refuse to change their habits. This puts immense pressure on the cash flow position of these owners. Financial experts say in such a situation they should opt for invoice financing. They find numerous service providers specializing in this field in the market.

Arnon Dror Kodak – What do entrepreneurs need to consider when choosing an invoice financier?

Arnon Dror is a very popular name in the world of international business and finance. This financial executive has a master degree in business administration from Hebrew University. He also got 20 years of valuable experience under his belt. He has the distinction of discharging the office of Vice President in more than one company. Xerox, Creo Americas, Scitex, Kodak, Creo Inc. and Presstek are some of these organizations. In fact, officials of such establishments regard him as the architect of their concerns’ rapid transformation. The credit for turning their corporate enterprises into profit-earning entities. They even admit he has an impressive track record in the area of internal reconstruction. Many of them praise his expertise in many diverse areas. These include internal control, cash flow management, ERP integration, strategic planning, international taxation, and corporate mergers.

The Arnon Dror Kodak team of professionals say invoice financing is a necessity for entrepreneurs. It can streamline their business’ cash flow position. However, they need to keep an important fact in mind. There are numerous service providers who offer such facilities to the public. These businessmen shouldn’t expect all of these financiers to offer the same services. They got to choose a reliable one who meets their specific requirements. Only then can these owners get the types of services they are looking for. For this, they need to keep the following 2 important factors in mind:

  1. Market reputation

This is one important aspect which most entrepreneurs can’t afford to ignore. The invoice financing service provider they choose to work with should have a good reputation. Otherwise, these owners may just end up wasting their time and money. This is the last thing they want. The proprietors should make an effort to conduct thorough research of the vendor. This includes browsing his website and relevant customer reviews. Only then can they take a decision.

  1. Rates, terms, and conditions

Not all invoice financiers offer the same rates for the service they provide to the public. Entrepreneurs need to ensure the ones they choose to hire offer competitive prices. The owners don’t want to end up spending more than they have to on these vendors. It only increases their operating costs unnecessarily. At the end of the day, these proprietors want value for their money.

The Arnon Dror CT team of specialists clarify that invoice financing can work wonders for entrepreneurs. However, this is only possible when they choose to hire and work with the right service provider. When selecting such a financier, they should consider the above 2 important criterions.