Alternative Search That Finds What Google Can’t


You cannot everything you want on google. It is one of the best apps, but it cannot play the role of providing you with all the information you want. Many people only know about google, and when they are not able to get all they want there, they feel devastated. You should know that there are other alternatives you can use. Other search engines can play the same role as google. It is better to depend on multiple solutions than one. Here is a list of the other search engines, crafted by online writing jobs experts;


Google plays a huge role in people all over the world. Ecosia helps too, but you cannot compare it with google because it plays a different part. It helps mostly in cases about trees. You will be able to get all the information about the plantation and the necessary steps you should take here. Your search results will not get filtered in any way if you choose to use Ecosia. You can choose to use it if you are planning to plant trees and get the best results.


You can add any of your private things here. You get guaranteed that whatever happens in this engine remains special at all costs. It is more visual compared to the typical engine google that is used by everyone.


It is advisable to work with engines that keep the user data. It is a new engine that was created by DuckDuckGo. You do not need to log in with your details. It is one of the best ones that have different alternatives compared to the rest. You do not have to deal with filters if you choose to use Peekier. Consider using it and make life better for yourself.

Search Team

The search team has collaborated with other apps. You will not have to waste your time looking for information because the search team will work fast for you. You can use the search team to plan things that seem impossible. You can use email to invite people you want in your space. Google is free, and you are not able to get everything, but search time is different. You will have to get it at a fee, but you will not regret it because you will get the best services.


It is an advanced engine. It had an old name, but it has come back bigger and better. It helps in the combination of results and putting them in a group. You can decide to search deeper and still get results. It filters out outcomes that are not appropriate, thus can work best for kids. If you want your kids to study and not get anything to take their attention, you can start using Yippy.


Kids should work with engines that can filter things. It is not healthy for children to use the ones that can lead them anywhere. Kiddle is the engine to use if you want your kid to be safe from any distractive things. It is more appealing to kids and is easy to use.

Just Watch

It makes work easier for you if you are a person who loves watching. You will be able to know the new shows coming up and the platforms you can access them. You will not struggle to get any information related to movies and shows.