A definitive guide on how to invest in mutual funds


With all these commercials stating a large number of benefits of mutual funds, people can still hardly figure out the functioning and how to invest in mutual funds online.

To begin with, mutual funds are basically investment funds that are managed by professionals who gather money from investors to purchase securities. These investors can either be retail or institutional. Investing in mutual funds come with their own set of pros and cons. Understanding these pros and cons and deciding whether to invest in mutual funds could be a challenging decision for a novice. As a result, gaining knowledge and understanding the functioning of the mutual funds should be the first step before you plan to invest in mutual funds.

Table of Contents

Working of the Mutual Funds

Mutual funds collect savings from various investors under a particular scheme that is been managed by an Asset Management Company (AMC). This collected amount of money is then used in further investments in securities according to the investment objective of the scheme. They are mainly invested in bonds and equity shares. The AMC hires the fund managers whose task is to manage the investment portfolio as per the requirements and trends in the market so that wealth for the investors can be created. To manage the portfolio, an annual fee known as the expense ratio is being charged by the fund house. Investors gain money through regular capital appreciation and interests or dividends.

A guide on how to invest in Mutual Funds Online

To know how to invest in mutual funds online, you need to go through the following procedures. They are:

  • First of all, you have to sign up for an account
  • All required details need to be entered such as details regarding the investment period, the amount you want to invest, etc.
  • In the third step, you need to get your e-KYC(Know your customer documents) done.
  • Finally, choose a mutual fund where you want to invest your money.

Reasons for investing in Mutual Funds


Investing in mutual funds is a simple process. All you need to do to know how to invest in mutual funds online is to observe the market carefully and make investments accordingly. Mutual funds also come with the added benefit of switching between the funds and portfolio rebalancing which guarantee your returns in line with your expectations.

Low initial investments

Initial investments in mutual funds are as low as Rs 500. One can have a portfolio of diversified mutual funds. You can go to a systematic investment plan to invest in mutual funds.

Tax Saving

Mutual Funds fall under special financial instruments under Section 80C which provides tax deduction on such financial instruments.

A few considerations for the first time investors

  • Fix an investment objective: You need to be clear about your financial objectives. This will evaluate the risk factor and how much you can put aside for investments. Your investments should have a definitive purpose.
  • Choose the right mutual fund: Thera is a large number of mutual fund schemes available in every category. Therefore, you need to look out for the one that suits your investment needs and your plans the most.
  • Keep your KYC documents ready: Your aim of investing in a mutual fund will not be fulfilled if you do not ready your Know Your Customer Complaint (KYC).

Mutual Funds might seem to be a difficult nut to crack but with all the facilities and information available in the web one can clearly opt for proper investment plan in mutual funds. All they need is to educate themselves about the various schemes and procedures and that will help them know how to invest in mutual funds online.