8 Things to Remember When Your Car is Stopped By the Traffic Police

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Many times you might have encountered a situation where the traffic police stop your car in the middle of the road for many reasons. You must have panicked over the situation if it was the first time you experienced it. And, you might not have known how to handle the situation within the rules of the law. Well, the traffic police stopping your car is relatively very common. But, there are a few things that you need to remember during such scenarios to handle them better.

Here are a few pointers to help you in this regard:

  1. Keep your documents ready:The traffic police have the right to stop your car and check for certain documents. It would be best if you had the following basic documents ready during such a situation:
    1. Registration Certificate
    2. Car insurance policy
    3. Driving license
    4. Pollution under control

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  1. Check for a valid challan:The traffic police can penalise you with a valid challan. It can be an e-challan system as well. If the traffic police issue a challan, check for the details of the offence, name of the offender and the issuing officer, date and place of trial. Also, check for the necessary documents required. It will help you prevent further discrepancies.
  2. Know when you can be penalised:You can be penalised for many reasons. Some prominent ones are exceeding speed limits, violating traffic rules, using tinted glass, not wearing a seat belt, using a mobile phone while driving, consuming alcohol and smoking while driving, etc. There can be a fine for not stopping for traffic police as well. The officials can charge a huge fine based on the nature of the violation. Hence, as a primary responsibility, know all the traffic rules and obey them while driving. It will secure you and your family members during unexpected scenarios as well.
  3. Do not bribe the traffic police:Whenever traffic police stop your car and check for a mistake you committed, do not try to bribe to escape from that situation. As a moral obligation, you have to accept the mistake and pay the fine instead of engaging in corrupt activities.
  4. Proceed by the law:Detention of your car by the traffic police is applicable when you violate certain traffic laws in a specific area. For example, when you park your car in a ‘No Parking’ area and step in for shopping, the traffic police can detain your car. You have to proceed by the law in such cases. Discuss with the concerned officials and understand the next steps and follow the process sincerely.
  5. Ask for identity:When traffic police stop your car and question you regarding any aspect, and if you have a suspicion, you can always ask and verify them with their identity proof. It is your right. If they refuse to show, you can also refrain from producing the car documents. While asking for identity proof, be very polite and don’t get into any arguments.
  6. Ensure to get a receipt if applicable:If your car is detained or if you are charged a fine for violating a traffic rule, you have the right to ask the traffic police for a receipt or an acknowledgement for your reference. It will help you handle legal proceedings, if any, later during a court trial.
  7. Cooperate with the traffic police:It is very common for traffic police to stop your car and ask you to produce your car documents, enquire regarding violation of traffic rules, etc. As a moral duty, you have to cooperate with the traffic police and proceed with the next steps without any argument. If they ask for the car documents, you can produce them, get it all verified, and effortlessly proceed with your journey. There will be no reason to panic or argue. You can also produce the documents electronically.

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Your car stopped by police is going to be very common. They have the right to check your car documents, charge a fine if you violate traffic rules and question you if there is suspicion. It is your responsibility to cooperate with them and proceed with the law. You can always check the authenticity of the traffic police by asking for their identity proof and then respond further. These eight pointers discussed above will help you understand what you should know when traffic police stop your car. Obey the traffic rules, cooperate with the traffic police and have an enjoyable journey!