7 Essential Items to Include When Making a Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

You’re finally getting married! Congratulations! Arguably, the first thing you’re going to do is share the good news of engagement with your family and friends. Eventually, it would be best if you started planning for the big day. The first step of planning should be to figure out what to include in the wedding budget. Planning for a wedding can be overwhelming if you don’t work well on your budget.

1. Venue and Catering

The venue should be on top of the list when preparing your budget. And arguably, a wedding can’t be complete without food. A suitable venue is crucial because you need enough space to celebrate, and also, the guests typically expect a meal plus some drinks. Usually, venue and Catering may take as high as 50% of your budget.

2. Wedding Dress or Attire

Who doesn’t want to stand out on their wedding day? The wedding dress is essential to the bride, just like the wedding itself. The suit is also vital for the groom, though some men always choose to go for simple attire. Whichever way, you can purchase the wedding dress from any trustable shop, either online or offline. Ensure that the attire you pick is within your budget. Don’t forget the jewelry, shoes, ties, or tuxedos.

3. Photographer

If you want to have lifetime memories of your big day, don’t forget to hire a professional photographer. Photos are the only tangible pieces that you’ll save as part of your celebration. Consider working with a photographer who will relive the occasion with outstanding photos. If you want better memories, consider hiring someone who can do photography and videography.

4. Entertainment

We all know how boring a wedding can be without entertainment. Your guests will expect to enjoy every part of the wedding. A slight shaking and dancing to a known DJ’s mix can be fulfilling. Alternatively, consider hiring a live band or select several love songs on your playlist. Pick one or a combination of entertainments, depending on your budget and demands.

5. Wedding Cake

Cake cutting is a significant part of any wedding. Depending on the type, design, and experts, a cake can take a good percentage of your wedding budget. You can make a simple plain cake with flower decoration or even a big tiered tower with beautiful designs. It can take approximately 2% of your wedding budget.

6. Flower and Décor

What can make a wedding look more spectacular than flowers? Well, they’re expensive but worth buying for your big day. As you search for your venue, think of flowers that will be relevant to the venue and the wedding colors. If you have a spacious venue, expect a higher budget for flowers.

7. Transport

Transport is critical, especially if you want to move in style. Hiring luxury cars can be expensive if you don’t own one. Besides, if your wedding reception location is different from where you hold the ceremony, you need to budget well for transport. The transport expenses may include bridal party transportation, bus or large transport of guests and some tips to drivers.

Planning for a wedding can be stressful because there is a lot to include in your budget. However, consider following the tips given above to avoid disappointment in the long run.