6 Ways To Overcome A Tight Budget

Tight Budget

Housing is the single largest expense for most people. If you are looking to cut your housing costs, there are definitely some things you can do to make it more affordable. Here are 6 great ways to save money on housing:

1) Live somewhere cheaper

If you are planning on moving anywhere else in town, don’t move into the fanciest part of town first. This way you get a feel for what an area is like before you decide it’s time to be in Holland Village or Bukit Timah. You might find out that living in one neighbourhood means only being able to afford certain stores and services so living right in the centre of them all doesn’t seem quite as necessary anymore!

2) Move back home with your parents

This is one of the best ways to save money on housing. Not only will you have a central base that allows you to save more, but it also means a lot less time spent commuting and money spent on gas.

3) Get roommates

If your parents won’t have you back, find some other people who want to split the rent with you! The more roommates you have, the cheaper it gets for everyone as long as there are enough amenities for everyone.

4) Change your lease

You might be able to save money on housing by switching the time that you pay rent. If you are planning on living somewhere for a year or longer, then try increasing the number of months that you will pay upfront because this usually means one less month’s rent! However, don’t ever do something like this if you’re looking to stay in an apartment for only six months because it can look really suspicious to your landlord.

5) Get rid of costly amenities

Take a hard look at what all comes with your place and how necessary those things actually are (such as cable TV). Think about whether or not there is anything else you could live without besides these extra fees. Sometimes spending more than $2on coffee every day adds up to more than the price of cable TV might.

6) Work on your credit

Your credit score can make a big difference in where you live and how much it costs you so always be sure to maintain good credit! Negative marks on your credit can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars for years and years, so do whatever it takes to keep your score high.

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