5 Tips for Cutting Costs on Your International Move

cut costs

If you decide that it’s time to move to another country, then the thought of moving is likely very overwhelming. Having a great strategy can help to alleviate the stress that you feel. When you’re planning your strategy, you’ll want to try to keep costs as low as possible. Here are five great tips that you can implement to help cut the cost of your next international move.

Be Mindful Of Your Moving Date

One of the most impactful things that you can do to cut costs on your international move is to schedule it for a non-busy time of the year. The peak season for moving is typically between May and August. You should avoid these months as the moving cost will likely be higher. You also need to consider the time of the month and the time of the week that you’ll be moving.

Most people want to move at the beginning or at the end of the month since that is usually when rental agreements and other contracts are established to end. You can outsmart this by moving in the middle of the month when there are fewer people moving. In addition, people tend to move either at the beginning or the end of the week. You want to go against the grain and move in the middle of the week as there will be fewer people, and it’s going to be cheaper to do.

Plan Time To Pack Yourself

While many moving companies that handle international moves offer item packaging, that’s not your best option. While it may sound ideal to have someone else pack up all of your items, it comes with a cost. Many companies will just put this into a package deal so that you don’t realize just how much extra you’re paying for the service. Do yourself a favor, and plan out time to pack things up yourself. You should be starting your packing at least a month or two in advance of the move. This will allow you adequate time to package up all your items and not have to stress over doing so.

Get Rid Of Items

The more items that you bring along with you for the move, the more expensive the move is going to be. One of the best things that you can do to cut costs is to go through your items and get rid of things that you do not want to ship. Adding unnecessary items to your list will only encourage the on-Go Company to charge you extra and make a handsome bill. So, it is better to let go of the items you do not need. . Many items you can just purchase when you get to your new country. You should only bring items that are irreplaceable.

Look For Discounts

Most moving companies will offer certain discounts for their customers throughout the year. It’s a good idea to take a look at past promotional efforts and pay attention to their timeline. This can allow you to select a moving date where you can take advantage of some of the discounts offered by the moving company. Just spending a few minutes online researching some of the best moving companies can allow you to figure out which companies will offer you the best discount for your next international move.

Save Your Receipts

Whenever you spend money on moving products, you need to keep the receipts. When you go to do your next season’s taxes, you can actually deduct those moving expenses from your taxes. IRS Form 3903 is the area that you’ll fill out for your moving expense deductions assuming that the move was due to a job. While there’s no guarantee that you can deduct your moving expenses from your new country, you definitely can when you complete your last year’s taxes for living in the United States.

We all know that moving isn’t cheap, especially when done on an international level. Any way that you can cut costs is worth the time. The above are five great tips that you should implement to help save yourself a bundle on your next international move.