4 Ways to Ensure You Never Miss a Work Update

Work Update

The business world is moving faster than ever before, and that makes it critical to stay connected if you want to remain competitive. A global business world means that key decisions can be made at any time and pull people in from multiple time zones. A missed phone call can mean missing out on a game-changing merger or job opportunity—so what’s the best way to avoid this?

Most businesses are turning to technology to make it easier for their employees to stay connected both on and off the clock. Communication is the key to navigating a fast-paced global workplace, and new digital communications software makes it easy to communicate. Here are several ways to ensure you never miss a critical work update.

1. Use a Voicemail

Businesses have done this for decades, but the traditional voicemail systems left something to be desired. For one thing, you were dependent on either an old piece of technology or a third-party service through your phone provider. These old voicemail systems often had a low capacity limit, which meant that messages could get lost on a busy day, and frustrated callers might wind up with a full mailbox and no way to deliver their important message.

Today’s voicemail systems are a very different story, with many being provided through a cloud-based virtual phone system that connects to both the office phone network and the individual communications devices of the employees. A virtual voicemail you can access anywhere you can take your messages from any device even before you get to the office. Most providers offer customized greetings and storage options depending on your business needs.

2. Use Instant Messaging

One of the most frustrating causes of delays for any business is the considerable email response delay. You send an email to someone, and then you have to wait for them to check their email and get the time to respond. If the state of the average email inbox is an indication of unread messages, you could wait a while for a response. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just drop the necessary party a quick message to get their attention and direct them to their email without needing to wait for them?

Instant messaging apps have become a staple of online communication, allowing for informal text conversations without the issues of e-mail. They’re becoming increasingly popular in the workplace setting as well, with companies finding it convenient to discreetly message people even when they’re out of the office to alert them to a priority. This is also an excellent way for teams to collaborate on projects.

3. Use Collaboration Apps

Your team needs to be able to stay in touch even when some of them are out of the office so they can continue to work on their projects consistently. An integrated project management app is the best way to streamline this process, and many can be run remotely on smartphones and other devices. As more companies pivot to remote work and hybrid teams, these increasingly replace the traditional office calendar and other management features.

So what should you consider before investing in a project management or collaboration app? First, check what devices your team will be using to ensure that they are compatible. Next, figure out what features you’ll need. You’ll definitely want an app that makes it easy to keep people updated on deadlines, schedule changes, and any other critical details. File sharing and instant communication are elements that can help your next project run smoothly.

4. Use Video Updates

If you want to give company-wide updates, it may be time to trade in the traditional newsletter for a digital alternative. Many companies who use paper or e-mail updates to convey information find that employees only skim them, leading to critical missed information. Video updates are ideal for both busy teams and teams with a younger workforce.

With the popularity of YouTube, TikTok, and other video-sharing services, companies are discovering that this is the most effective way to share information quickly with a wide audience. Not only are people more likely to watch videos, but it’s possible to set up view notifications to confirm that your team is all up to date.

Never Miss a Moment

One missed phone call can make all the difference for a business which is why it’s important to invest in technology that keeps your team up to date. Your team will stay connected with these ideas, and your business will never miss an opportunity.