4 Steps on How to Design a Business Logo That’s Truly Memorable

Business Logo

Did you know that the information stored by the brain in your short-term memory only lasts for about 30 seconds or less?

When it comes to creating a business logo, it’s crucial to make sure it’s so original and evocative that people end up putting it into their long-term memory. That way, they’ll be able to recognize your brand on sight.

Keep reading to learn all about the 4 steps on how to design a business logo that’s truly memorable.

  1. Be Original

Whether or not you use a design-a-business-logo app or not, you should study the logos of other companies that are in the same industry as you. Note what aspects you think are successful and which you think aren’t.

To be memorable, your logo needs to balance between something original and something that plays with timeless styles. The only way to do that correctly is by looking at what businesses have done in the past and what they’re doing now.

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  1. Conduct a Memory Test

After you’ve searched “design a free logo for my business”, you can test your logo out on people using a memory game.

Show them your logo mixed with several other logos. Give them about 10 seconds to memorize each. After about 5-10 minutes, ask them to draw all the logos they can remember.

If they can reproduce yours with high accuracy, then you have scientific proof that your logo is memorable.

  1. Limit Your Colors

Are you still thinking to yourself, “How to design a logo for my business?”

In the world of logos, there’s such thing as too many colors. In fact, you should limit your logo to two basic colors that are easy to print anywhere.

You may even need to print the logo in a single color in some instances. With that in mind, you should make sure that the logo still looks great even when it’s featured with only one color.

  1. Scalability

As you get a business logo design, you must make sure it can be scalable. Any logo is visible when blown up on a billboard, but can your logo still be seen when it’s shrunken down.

For instance, when you put your logo on a small ticket or even a pencil, it should still be recognizable. Otherwise, people will only see a blob and won’t remember your business’s brand.

Are You Ready to Design a Business Logo?

Now that you’ve learned all about the 4 steps on how to design a business logo that’s truly memorable, your brand will become more and more recognizable as you increase its exposure. Simply put, a business is only as popular as its logo.

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