4 Ideas for Teaching Teens to Write Checks

Write Checks

Every parent’s dream is to nurture responsible and law-abiding children who will eventually become productive citizens who will make meaningful contributions to their society. It is the parents’ duty to facilitate responsible behavior by encouraging children to perform specific tasks. Teenagers should gradually be introduced to a higher level of responsibility, such as assisting with groceries, paying bills online, and writing checks.

Many parents do not think their teenaged children should be given such responsibility, but these teens are either in college or about to enroll in higher education programs. They must learn to become more independent so that they are competent when the time comes for them to be fully responsible for managing their finances. Using a check is also a safe method of payment and eliminates the need to carry cash.

Interactive Discussion

Engage your teen in interactive discussions about the importance of being able to write a check accurately. Facilitate questions and give feedback to ensure a clear understanding of what is required. Ensure that your teen is aware that they must have funds in a bank to write checks, and sufficient funds must be available. Explain terms such as dishonored checks, which occur when the bank does not wan to pay because of a lack of necessary funds.

Use a Blank Check as a guide.

After you have discussed the importance of knowing how to write a check, then it is time to demonstrate how to complete this task. Use a blank check as a guide. Explain what information should be recorded in each section. For example, state that the person’s name for whom the check is being written must be recorded on the line labeled “Pay to the order of.” Emphasize the importance of filling out all sections of the check, including date and signature. Accuracy in spelling is also essential to avoid the waste of cheque leaves.

Writing the check

Allow your teen to write a check while you provide supervision. Check that the pen is suitable so that inkblots will be avoided. If a mistake is made the first time, provide support by calmly pointing out the

error and give suggestions as to how the error can be corrected. Encourage your teen to write slowly and legibly. Place emphasis on the importance of writing the correct amount in words and figures.

Build Confidence

If your teen is not at the stage to have a personal checking account, you can encourage them to build their confidence by assisting you with writing checks. They will be able to apply what they have learned and provide valuable assistance to you.

It is often quite difficult to get teenagers to settle down and learn essential life skills, especially when many teens are only interested in social media. With the right approach, however, teenagers can be encouraged to learn various skills, including writing checks. Once they are aware of the value of what they are being taught, they will be more willing to learn. You can make it easier for them by exercising patience and allowing them to practice until they are competent at writing checks.