3 Unique Ways to Memorialize a Loved One on a Budget

Park Bench

After losing a loved one, a memorial service should be done. However, people across the world have different ways of honoring the deceased. Incorporating mourning time is important and done almost everywhere because it helps people to connect with their loved ones without necessarily involving cemeteries and ensembles.

Many people celebrate their fallen friends and relatives and carry the deceased’s memories beyond the burial. Showing sadness and grief after losing a loved one is normal especially if the right outlets are available. Grief can easily cause powerlessness, but honoring their lives can ease the pain.

Therefore, on remembering the times spent with the deceased, only memories of kindness, fun, and laughter should be incorporated into the memorial. Instead of visualizing life without the deceased, one should try to uphold their memories and be grateful for their well-lived lives.

1. Donate a Park Bench to their Favorite Park

Trying to do the things a deceased person was doing is the best way to celebrate them. If a loved one enjoyed visiting a certain park, one can do the same to experience what they loved. However, mere visiting might not have far-reaching impacts; therefore, one can donate a bench to the park for other visitors to use.

This might seem an insignificant gesture, but anyone visiting the park in the future will know that a certain person loved it and had great moments there while alive. The park benches might even serve the deceased’s family and friends because the park is public and open to all.

2. Create a Scholarship

In memory of a scholar, one can purpose to transform the community through quality education. The deceased must have valued education a lot and even had similar plans for the community. Therefore, creating a scholarship would accomplish the departed soul’s intentions. The scholarship should be nicely managed to realize the initial goals.

This memorialization method is growth-oriented because it uplifts society through youth literacy, empowerment, and independence. Through a scholarship, social responsibility will happen because empowered individuals can extend the idea to other needy or vulnerable people even without death occurring to their loved ones.

3. Host a Fundraiser for Their Favorite Charity

After a passionately altruistic loved one passes away, hosting a fundraiser for their preferred charity is a wise way to memorialize them. One can donate any amount based on the fundraiser conditions because some are recurring while others are not. However, one can volunteer to do other things during the fundraiser even if they cannot make financial contributions.

The deceased would have liked to impact growth into these charities; therefore, hosting a fundraiser would stimulate the cause. However, one should do this while upholding the deceased’s best values to make the charities better places.

Memorializing a loved one does not stop after the memorial service or burial ceremony. It becomes a daily activity because one must wonderfully incorporate the deceased into their life. Remembering a loved one can happen in different ways but it represents one’s admiration, gratitude, and reverence.

Grief does not happen linearly, and so one must do something to remember the deceased accordingly beyond the conventional funeral. Therefore, one can donate benches to the deceased’s favorite park, create scholarships, and donate to charity organizations among other memorialization ways that entice one when remembering the loved ones.