3 Key Ways to Save Money when Storing Your Possessions

Save Money

In the era we’re living in, it’s possible to find yourself in a position where you’ll need to rent a storage unit. People have different reasons for renting out storage spaces. Renting out storage units is a booming business going by the number of units out there in the market.

Some of the reasons people find themselves renting out storage units are unavoidable. For example, if you are moving houses and your new place is not ready to move in. In such cases, it becomes necessary to rent out a storage unit to keep your belongings safe until your new house is prepared.

Other reasons people rent out storage units include couples who have divorced their partners and need storage space as they search for a place to start over. Some people may also want to downsize what they possess in their houses and don’t have a ready market for the items they want to do away with. So the logical step to take is to rent out a storage unit instead of renting another house to store your belongings. It is because renting a home is expensive compared to a storage unit.

Whatever your reasons for needing a storage unit, there are ways you can minimize the costs involved and save some money. Below are three key ways to save money when renting a storage unit.

  1. Store only the essential items and be as organized as possible.

Before rushing to get stuff to a storage unit, take time to go through every item so that you don’t end up with junk that will occupy considerable space, yet you don’t have much value for it. Storage units cost money, and you wouldn’t want to spend money on storing items that are not worth it. It’s also good to be organized because if your belongings are arranged chaotically, there is a good chance that things that you still actively use could end up in the storage unit by accident. It means you’ll incur gas money because of moving back and forth to the storage unit to retrieve items that you still have use for. Ultimately, it becomes tiresome.

  1. Negotiate and take advantage of discounts.

While some storage units have strict pricing policies, it never costs you anything to negotiate for a better deal. There are many storage units these days, and with competition amongst themselves, you’re sure to get a better deal if you negotiate. With such competition, finding a good discount can also be possible if you do thorough research online and narrow it down to what you need. Most managers of storage units are willing to give you a good deal, especially if you’re committing to a long-term contract. If you are among the few customers with long-term storage needs, negotiating for a discount can save you considerably.

  1. Share the rental space.

If you can get a close friend or relative that you trust, it becomes cheaper to rent a bigger space because you can get a better deal per square foot for a larger unit. As a result, it can help you cut the cost of renting out a storage unit to up to 25% to 50%. In addition, by joining hands with trustworthy partners, you leverage your purchasing power by renting a more extensive unit at a lower combined rate.