3 Easy Bedroom Upgrades to Make Without Breaking the Bank

Bedroom Upgrades

Whether one is looking to add some flare to their bedroom, make some upgrades before putting their home on the market, or simply want a new design after having lived there for years, bedroom upgrades can make the place feel like an entirely different and new spot. However, bedroom upgrades can become quite costly quite quickly. Luckily, there are a few alterations one can make to their bedroom that are not overly pricey while still giving the room a new look and feel. Check out these suggestions to make inexpensive upgrades that will bring one’s bedroom to the next level.

A Fresh Coat of Paint Goes a Long Way

Changing up the color of the walls is an extremely affordable way to upgrade the room and is simple enough to be a weekend DIY project. Although it does not necessarily sound like an upgrade, doing so will completely alter the room’s aesthetic. Plus, it does not have to be just the walls. Consider changing the color of the trimming as well. Most homes have white throughout, but dark green, navy blue, or even black trimming can truly make the room pop. Take an extra step to replace a painting, find a new mirror, or add some décor around the mantels, and you have an entirely new bedroom for less than $100!

Purchasing a New Bed and Mattress

Although purchasing a new bed seems like an expensive upgrade, deals, affordable options, and online stores can make a new bed and mattress fairly reasonable. The best aspect of this type of upgrade is that it is great for the room and for the buyer. Nothing is more comfortable than sleeping on a new mattress, and it will significantly improve one’s sleep quality. If falling asleep and staying in slumber has been troublesome, then this upgrade is a no-brainer.

Adding Bedside Tables, Lamps and an End of Bed Bench

When it comes to upgrading the bedroom’s furniture, one immediately thinks of the dresser or TV stand. However, those upgrades can be more expensive than one might imagine. Instead, replacing or adding bedside tables and a reading lamp can go a long way. There are plenty of different bedside table styles and adding two that match on either side of the bed can tie the whole room together. Additionally, placing matching lamps on both creates a beautiful aesthetic, or one can consider a floor lamp for behind a couch, chair, or the corner of the room. Lastly, an end of bed bench, either wood or cushioned, will make one’s bedroom look as if it was out of a home décor magazine. These are phenomenal for general style, but they serve a great purpose, too. Placing reading books and magazines, blankets or even to serve as a place to put on shoes or heels makes an end of bed bench both essential and stylish.

When looking to upgrade your bedroom, it might seem challenging to redo it on a budget. However, making a few simple changes like a fresh coat of paint or a new mattress will have a large impact on the bedroom’s new look.