Knowing The Risks Of Buying Cell Phone Replacement Parts From Unauthorized Stores

Cell Phone Replacement

When it comes to buying cell phone replacement parts there are two available options for you to choose from. One, you can buy them from an authorized wholesale store and two, from any unauthorized store. However, there are lots of reasons and benefits to buy them from an authorized store, even if it costs you a bit more. As it is, the phone parts are the oxygen of the phone and therefore it should be of the highest quality. Since the authorized wholesale dealers are the dealers of the company, you will get only genuine parts from them. Unauthorized dealers, on the other hand, sell phone parts that are usually illegal!

Warranty or guarantee

When you buy a phone part or any other product such as an LCD separator machine from an unauthorized wholesale store, you may get it at a lower price but then the warranty or guarantee on the product may not apply. This means that there will be no outline that will protect your product. The dealer may make a promise to provide a warranty but when time comes, they will surely deny it. It is only an authentic and authorized dealer that will provide warranty on the product. It is also another reason for the higher price of their product.

Fake and unexpected product

Buying a WL V11 Light Sensor Programmer or any other product from an unauthorized store will mean that there is a higher chance of getting a fake product. It will be low in performance, just as the price, and will fail again soon. You will gain need to replace it thereby forcing you to spend twice on the same product. This way the unauthorized sellers make more profit. You will not even get the exact product that you expect. From an authorized dealer you will get a genuine part that will function just as the original one.

No refund or replacement

It is not the practice of the unauthorized dealer to provide you the services to satisfy you. They are more concerned to make the maximum benefit from you. however, an authorized dealer will work for the best interest of their customers and provide services until they are satisfied. They will take responsibility if, in any case, the product fails to perform as desired and replace it for free. They will have a fair return and refund policy that an unauthorized dealer will not.