Best Employee Engagement Tips for Remote Workforce

Employee Engagement

A 2020 statistics suggest that nearly 50% of the UK workforce will work remotely, adhering to social distancing measures amid the pandemic.

However, this remote work setup will pose unique challenges, in the long run, both for employees and employers.

Keeping the remote workforce engaged, with performance improvement solutions like, is critical. Effective employee engagement motivates resources and maximises their productivity in the new work environment.

Keep Employees Engaged with Rewards and Recognitions

You could resort to cloud-based R & R programs or management software such as that provided by Qualtrics. These are not bound by any geographical barriers, allowing management and peers to recognise the star performers. Such solutions can enable you to award good employees instantly, from any remote location.

The entire world lies crippled, forcing most of the workforce to stay in self-isolation, and the UK is no exception. The need at such desperate times is employee recognition, to boost your remote workforce’s morale.

Acknowledging your employees’ efforts fuels their determination and spirit to perform better and earn more accolades from their superiors.

You could resort to cloud-based R & R programs, not bound by any geographical barriers, allowing management and peers to recognise the star performers. Such solutions will enable you to award instantly, from any remote location.

Offer Employees Perks and Benefits

Making benefits available in remote work set up can encourage your employees to contribute more to your business.

Corporate deals from popular brands, gift cards, and subsidised insurance plans are a few options available on reputed cloud-based employee benefits platforms. You can explore such solutions to please your remote workforce with discounts that they will find useful for personal requirements.

Pursue Years of Service Award Programs

A recent study reveals that UK employees are among the least loyal in Europe, with about 47% planning to switch jobs in less than three years.

In these desperate times, retaining your loyal employees will be your primary concern. With hiring new talent on one side, practical years of service award programs in place can help you drive employee retention within your organisation. Such company loyalty programs help both the employees and management commemorate long, successful years of working together. Issuing reward points with the long service award can keep the spirits of your most loyal employees high, effectively increasing their productivity.

Engage Employees with Remote Learning Sessions

Investing in e-learning programs is an excellent way to engage your employees, driving them to improve their skills and learn new technical concepts.

Now is the time when you can give your remote employees opportunities to learn future technology like AI and ML, which will eventually help your business prosper. Employees see this as a stress-reliever and make them believe they are an essential part of your organisation, thus motivating them to increase their competency.

Maintain Effective Communication

You can have the leadership team address your employees regularly, perhaps weekly, or as available. You could create an information hub to share the latest updates on the firm’s responses, advisories, and policies related to COVID-19.

It is advisable to reassure your employees of their safety with guides and links to expert panels and access to valuable information on the pandemic.

Communicating changes in the organisational structure and keeping your employees aware of the firm’s latest developments will effectively keep them engaged.

The pandemic has transformed the landscape of the work environment, with work-from-home practices being the new norms. So, to sustain your business, use the latest technology, and effective employee engagement programs. These solutions will ensure that your remote workforce has a pleasant and productive work-from-home experience.