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To lie or not to lie

In his younger days, Quentin Tarantino had a dream to become an actor, but with the experience of a salesman in a video salon, it was almost impossible to get to the casting. So he blatantly lied about his roles in Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and Godard’s King Lear. But there were some nuances. First, in the late 1980s there was still no IMDb, a cinema database where you can run the cast of any film through. And secondly, the Hollywood bosses didn’t care who exactly played one of hundreds of zombies in a cheap horror movie, and even more so they would not waste time watching an intellectual European art house.

Do not ever lie in your resume. Today all information is easily verified. And if you are caught in even a little white lie, you will be blacklisted and never get a job with this agency or this company. However, you may hire a professional writer to write it for you and do not spend your own time on figuring it out and buy a high-quality resume, cv and/or cover letter for a small price. There are many cheap cv writing services and cheap resume writing services and AccuroResume.com is one of them. Such services are meant to work for your bright future. As already been said, AccuroResumes.com is a cheap cv writing service. Top uk team of custom certified writers work for this online service and are able to help with writing your piece for a fairly affordable cost and it is absolutely legal.

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There are no rules for a perfect resume

It is always written for a specific vacancy, but in any case it should be clear, structured and short (no more than two pages). The average HR manager reads resumes diagonally, noting the keywords. Therefore, you should know the clear objectives for the position you are applying for and show on your resume that this claim is justified by your work experience.

Pay special attention to spelling, because the recruiter may turn out to be grammar nazi. Most of all repel errors in the names of the university, specialty, hometown, etc. Thank God, everyone spelled their names correctly. Also, be sure to indicate the level of a foreign language, even if you don’t know it at all. Let’s say the HR has two resumes: one says “zero” French, and the other doesn’t say a word about it. Most likely, he will not call you to clarify the information, but will immediately invite another candidate for an interview.

With or without a photo?

Discrimination in appearance, gender and age is prohibited by law, so no one has the right to demand a photo from you in your resume. On the other hand, if you have protruding ears, pimples on your face or a hare lip, to hide it during the interview will be rather difficult.

Wouldn’t it be better to send your portrait right away so as not to waste time meeting with people who will evaluate not your skills and abilities, but your appearance?

In addition, for some candidates, a photo on a resume can be a winning one. For example, if you want to work in any field from trade to communication with clients in a bank. The main thing is to choose the right picture. You won’t believe how often HRs get photos in a swimsuit! Or a person’s head cut off from a group shot. Or a photo from traveling in the mood: “me near the pyramid of Cheops” or “my favorite dog and I”.

There are even legends among HR people about nude photos in their resume. Keep in mind that the photo should be portrait, clear, without bright colors and unnecessary details, girls have a business hairstyle. Imagine the image of the perfect person in the industry you want to work in and try to match it. And do not send too “heavy” photos, they may not reach due to the peculiarities of the employer’s postal system.

Motivational letter

The number of job seekers far exceeds the number of vacancies. Therefore, you need to use all the opportunities to attract the attention of the HR. A motivational letter is the hook that can bring you the desired “catch” in the form of an invitation to an interview.

But explaining why you should be chosen, it is better not to use pompous epithets and grovel in boundless love for someone else’s company. Excessive emotionality may help to get a job as an animator in Turkey, but bare facts are important for the business environment. It is better to isolate points from the resume that are relevant to the desired position, and expand them in the motivational letter to two or three paragraphs.

What else?

In addition to your resume and motivational letter, if you decide not to apply for either cheap cv writing service, or cheap resume writing service assistance, it is advisable to send a portfolio. This will make it easier for the employer to assess your level and capabilities. But in the recommendations, unless we are talking about volunteer work or the experience of cooperation with international institutions, there is little sense.

The trick is that a person usually writes a recommendation to himself, and the company simply signs it up. So it turns out, it is like the joke: “A very good boy, please give him a job …” and the signature: “Mom.”